Heil furnace transformer

A Heil furnace transformer is a way to move electricity from one circuit to another.

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Heil is a company that produces furnaces in a variety of heat exchangers which are incorporated with advanced electronics. It specializes in convection heating systems that circulate air without combustion.

In commercial buildings, Heil transformers are used to transfer power supply and then distribute it among the respective outlets. It is commonly used in commercial buildings because it has a stylish look and reliable platinum-silver nickel alloy construction. A Heil transformer distributes power through an enamel wire instead of a rope.

The Heil Transformer is an air-cooled transformer that can be used on heating and cooling installations. Unlike those of other companies, these transformers don’t require a condenser fan, exhaust fan, or dryer at the cooling installation. This saves in additional costs plus avoids compromising the performance quality of water output and avoided potential damages.

Many air-cooled transformers have high current ratings but they usually carry significant risks with them – damages to equipment, including galvanic corrosion, and sheet metal fatigue…

Heil heating dealer, a family-owned business, believes in the best quality products. The company has been supplying specialized equipment and systems for more than sixty years but the story of the Heil Company starts much earlier.

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