how to reset furnace error codes

A furnace error code is a way to inform users of the problem with their heating system. If your furnace shuts off, you’ll see a message on the control panel: A.1-4-2. This can be something as simple as a burnt-out pilot light or more complex problems like an electrical fault in your wiring.

There are different ways to fix the errors, depending on your type of error. For example, if you see 1-6-1, it might be due to a burned-out flame sensor in your furnace’s gas burner unit, which needs to be replaced.

A reset button can also help fix some common errors like 1-3-1 or 2-0-2, so try pressing and holding down the reset button on

This article will help you understand what a furnace error code means and how to reset it.

A furnace error code can be caused by any number of problems preventing your furnace from starting. Temperature errors, low fuel pressure, and a dirty or blocked air filter are just some of the potential causes. So, if your furnace is giving you an error code for one of these reasons, check out this article for more information on how to fix those problems.

Resetting a furnace code is easy. You only need a few simple tools that you already have at home. These include a screwdriver, vacuum cleaner wand (you’ll use this to clear the intake), and canned compressed air (you should have this in case your vacuum cleaner doesn’t work).

To reset the furnace error codes, you must consult your local appliance company instead of your furnace manufacturer. This is because backward compatibility is not always feasible.