Ignition sensor Goodman furnace

The sensor should register the flame’s temperature and compare it against a set point. If the flame is hotter than a specified value, then ignition will be inhibited. When the furnace has been running for a predetermined time, this sensor will signal to start a power-on cycle for an igniter to restart or re-ignite.

The typical function of an ignition device on an oil burner is to generate and maintain an arc between two electrodes when the control signal from the thermostat calls for heat. The hot arc will ignite oil vapour to produce heat and pressure, resulting in convection currents that circulate through the ductwork into heated spaces. The process continues as long as the thermostat signal requires or until it manually shuts off.

Goodman is the leading heating and cooling manufacturer in the world. They make sure that their products are built to last with state-of-the-art technology.

A Goodman furnace is plugged into an electrical outlet for power. It can turn on when it detects heat from a thermostat or when a person turns it on via a switch.

A Goodman furnace will turn off if it does not get instructions from its thermostat or if there’s an overheating problem.

The Goodman ignition sensor is a vital part of the furnace, and it helps the furnace start and operates.

Like many other furnaces, a goodman furnace relies on an ignition sensor to regulate the temperature inside the home. Without an ignition sensor, a goodman furnace cannot start or operate.


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