Is Armstrong furnace made by Lennox?

Armstrong furnace is a brand of furnace manufactured by Lennox.

Armstrong furnaces are found in homes and businesses across North America and are available with a wide range of features.

Lennox furnaces are typically considered the top-of-the-line, in terms of quality and performance. They are also known to be more expensive than other furnace brands.

Armstrong is a reputable brand that was created in 2005. It is owned by Lennox International, which is the same company that makes Lennox furnaces and HVAC systems. Armstrong hearths have been around for more than 100 years which means they will fit almost any home or business space and need little to no maintenance.

Lennox is the company which manufactures heaters and furnaces. It has been providing services to residential and commercial customers for more than a century.

Lennox is one of the leading manufacturers of heating and cooling equipment in North America. Its products are used by a number of different industries, including hotels, multi-family housing, and hospitals. Lennox also provides comfort solutions for homes in rural areas where central heating is not possible.