Armstrong furnaces leaking water

Armstrong furnaces are considered to be some of the best. They are in the top three brands used by homeowners. Such a furnace is designed to combat various weather conditions and performs excellently in areas with low humidity and cool climates. However, if your furnace is leaking water, it needs to be fixed immediately as it can damage your home’s ceiling or carpet which can lead to mold.

The Armstrong furnace makes use of a high-output burner that significantly increases its efficiency. The burner features a variable gas valve that controls the flame size for each operating condition and ensures optimum heating performance.

In addition, there is an adjustable thermostat that allows users to select their desired temperature level and set their own schedule for operation while guaranteeing maximum comfort levels at all times.

This article is about a residential oil furnace that is leaking water.

The water is coming from the drain valve that should not be open. This water causes a potential cooling risk because it will keep the heat exchanger from getting enough cool air.

An Armstrong furnace leaking water is not only a major inconvenience, but it also can pose many dangers. There are various reasons that water may be leaking from an Armstrong furnace. One common reason is when there is an issue with the condensing coil on the outside of the furnace. The condensing coil will get plugged up and overflow, causing water to leak all over your property. This can cause serious damage to your home and property because there is standing water in your basement or crawlspace which can lead to mold.

The other cause of a leaky Armstrong furnace is when there’s a problem with the burner assembly inside the furnace. When this happens, it blocks off the correct vents for natural gas or air inside of the burner assembly and leads to an overflow on top of the burner assembly which causes water to leak out onto your floor.

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