Lennox boiler error codes

Lennox Boiler Error Codes contains a list of error codes for Lennox Boilers. This article includes the most common error codes and some tips for troubleshooting them.

The web page is meant to be a handy reference for users dealing with lennox boiler errors that they may be unable to identify independently.

Lennox boiler error codes usually include information about the error, what caused it and an explanation of what next steps should be taken to fix it.

Lennox is an American company that specializes in heating and cooling equipment. It was founded in 1925 by John Lennox.

Lennox boiler error codes are specific to the Lennox brand of boilers. These error codes can be found on the control board of a boiler and will help a consumer diagnose problems with their machine.

Lennox has a set of error codes that can help troubleshoot problems with the Lennox boiler.

Lennox boiler Error Codes:

11 – Indicates an alarm control circuit malfunction.

21 – Indicates that the fan speed is not following the thermostat.

22 – Indicates that the thermostat is out of calibration, requiring resetting and replacing.

27 – Indicates a board or thermistor failure requiring replacement and re-calibration.

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