Lennox error code 411

Lennox error code 411 is a service interruption caused by a faulty cooling system. If this happens, your AC will stop cooling your home or office.

Lennox error code 411 is a catch-all phrase for various errors made by Lennox furnaces. The most common reason for the code is when the furnace overheats and shuts itself down. Other possible causes include a bad gas valve or an incorrect thermostat setting.

This article outlines the symptoms of lennox error code 411 and contains helpful links to troubleshooting information and instructions on how to contact customer service.

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This article discusses the lennox error code 411. An error is caused by a ‘physical device resetting,’ which means the device overheated or experienced another electrical failure.

A lennox error code 411 usually occurs when the furnace has a physical device resetting that is most often caused by overheating. The problem can also be caused by faulty wiring, rodents, or many other reasons that lead to an electrical failure.

The first thing to do is to check whether there are any broken wires or damaged parts on the furnace. If you cannot find anything wrong with your furnace, check your thermostat for proper operation and correct any abnormalities found there in case it was causing this issue in some way.

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