Lennox error code 413

Lennox code 413 is a fault that occurs when the furnace fan motor operates unsafely.

Lennox developed a warning and identification system to detect and resolve the problem before any damage occurs. When operating correctly, the system will effectively relay important safety information.

Lennox error code 413 is one of the most misunderstood error codes in the Lennox air conditioning system. It has been used by Lennox engineers for many years and is a classic example of how a machine can be designed to do something (condition) to an input that does not exist.

The Lennox error code 413 indicates that the furnace is not turning on and has reached a point where it cannot be turned on. If you turn the power off, reactivate it and still get the same error number, please call our customer service at 604 704 0300 for your warranty support.

Lennox Error Code 413 means that the furnace has reached a point where it cannot be turned on within a specific time limitation. It usually happens when your home has poor electrical wiring or a high voltage level.

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