Lennox furnace error code 01

Error code 01: Electronic Control – power or signal to furnace faulty.

This error code is a sign that the control board is not getting a steady supply of electricity or signal and the furnace will not start or work correctly.

Lennox is one of the most popular brands when it comes to furnaces. It is a leading provider of heating and cooling solutions in the United States.

A furnace error code 01 indicates that there was a problem in the evaporator coil, or that the thermostat is out of calibration. The user should call a Lennox-certified technician for repair services.

The Lennox furnace error code 01 is the most common one you will see on these devices. This error code can be a result of several things, such as:

-The filter system is clogged or dirty;

-The control board has an issue;

-The fan motor has failed.

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