Lennox furnace error code 021

There can be many reasons why the Lennox furnace may error code 021. All of these issues have to do with the sensor mounted on the air handler.

If you are experiencing an error code 021, then this means that a fault has been detected in one of your sensors. You need to replace that sensor and continue firing up your furnace. Remember that a wiring issue can also cause this issue, so you need to contact a professional if you are unsure how to fix it yourself.

Lennox furnaces have error code 021, which is a low-voltage circuit board. This issue can be addressed using a live-in switch or a power redirection.

Lennox furnaces have error code 021 – Error Code 021, which can be fixed with the help of a live-in switch or power redirection.

This article will discuss Lennox furnace error codes, the troubleshooting process and how to fix Lennox furnace error code 021.

Error code 021 is a “heating element not responding” error, usually caused by a bad heating element.


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