Lennox furnace error code 114

Lennox furnaces come with several error codes, which can be used to troubleshoot and diagnose the problem.

The Lennox furnace error code 114 indicates a gas valve or sensor problem. Sometimes, this can be fixed by cleaning or changing the filter.

Lennox furnaces are heating systems commonly used in large buildings. Error code 114 is a fault code that indicates that the burner is not producing enough flame to meet the system’s demand for heat.

Error code 114 is caused by a variety of conditions. It can be as simple as a clogged pilot, dirty gas valve or low gas pressure. Still, it can also be more serious and require professional attention, like an overheated sensor or faulty thermostat.

Lennox furnaces have an error code 114 when there’s a problem with the exhaust fan motor speed sensor. This sensor is on top of the fan and helps regulate the motor’s RPM.

There are three ways to fix this issue: The first is to replace the exhaust fan speed sensor with one with a higher tolerance level to high altitude settings than OEM parts. The second solution is replacing the exhaust fan speed sensor with another OEM part or something compatible with Lennox furnaces. The third solution is to replace the entire blower.

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