Lennox furnace error code 223

Lennox furnace error code 223 is a fault code used by Lennox Furnace. This code is categorized as an Ignition Failure and can indicate that the inducer has failed or the ignition coil has gone bad.

This may come up when the fan motor speeds up, causing a negative pressure in the burner and a lower flame temperature.

This may also indicate a short circuit either on or near the igniter coil.

Lennox Furnace Error Code 223 is caused by faulty gas valves. This article will detail the causes of LFE 223 and how to solve them.

An appliance malfunction might cause the Lennox furnace to emit error code 223. These errors are displayed by lighting up the red light on top of the furnace’s Control Panel and have nothing to do with a malfunction of an internal part – they are simply due to incorrect configuration settings.

Lennox furnaces have an auto-restart feature that kicks in when there is an error code, but this feature does not always solve all problems either, as occasionally it might turn itself off too. It’s best to contact your service technician if you see LFE223 appear on your furnace’s screen or hear a popping or grinding noise from your

Lennox furnace error code 223 means that the instrument board or control board in the Lennox furnace may have experienced a severe voltage loss.

Lennox furnaces are heating and cooling appliances popular for their energy efficiency, cleanliness, and reliability. They’re an efficient replacement for older HVAC systems.