Lennox furnace error code 225

It is a furnace that sometimes stops running and turns off.

To repair the Lennox furnace error code 225, you need to disconnect and unplug the power for about ten minutes. If that doesn’t work, you will have to replace the motor brushes, which might be faulty.

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A common Lennox furnace error code is 225. This error code can show up when there’s a problem with the plate sensor or circuit board on the furnace. It can also indicate a problem with the solenoid coil in the burner chamber, preventing it from turning off.

If your Lennox furnace is giving you this error code, it’s important to contact a pro to diagnose and repair the issue.

A Lennox furnace error code 225 is generated when a flame sensor is not detecting any flame. This means abnormal combustion has been detected in the furnace, and the house needs to be inspected.

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