Lennox furnace error code 228

Lennox furnace error code 228 is a “low heat” error that is caused by a vacuum breaker stuck in the closed position.

The Lennox air conditioning system does not have an internal temperature sensor that can alert homeowners when the unit’s filters need to be replaced. As a result, homeowners may not realize when their filters are dirty or damaged and must be replaced before the unit starts to fail.

If you get Lennox furnace error code 228, it indicates that your vacuum breaker or filter bank is stuck in the closed position and preventing cool air from entering your vent pipe. This can cause your furnace to run continuously and lead to overheating problems.

Lennox furnace error code 228 is a message that appears on the control panel of your Lennox furnace. It basically means that there is a problem with the burner circuit, and it needs to be replaced.

There are four different causes for the code 228 error.

1) The burner has experienced a shutdown.

2) There is an open flame in the area where the burner is located.

3) The flame sensor malfunctioned or could not sense a flame.

4) The ignition source may have failed to ignite properly

Lennox furnaces are one of the most popular furnaces on the market. They are known to provide the most reliable heating option to residential customers. However, they have an error code 228 that needs to be resolved before the furnace can work properly.

This article discusses five common causes of this Lennox furnace error code and how to fix them if you’re experiencing any issues with your furnace.

If you’re experiencing any issues with your Lennox furnace, check out these five common causes of Lennox furnace error code 228 and how to fix them!