Lennox furnace error code 292

Lennox furnaces use a two-digit error code system to relay the cause of the problem. The first digit is a boiler letter that tells us what type of fault it is. A second digit is a number which instructs the technician on how to fix it.

Error code 292: When this error code occurs, there’s usually an issue with the gas pressure regulator or filter, which could be failing or dirty.

Some of the most common Lennox furnace error codes include:

* Error code 96: This is due to a power outage.

* Error code 300: This is due to a blocked chimney.

* Error code 3001: A blockage in the vent pipe up top should be cleaned out.

Lennox manufactures furnaces of various kinds and models.

Some furnace error codes are specific to the type of furnace and can be easily identified by users. For instance, a Lennox furnace that is indicating an error code of 292 could have a problem with its gas control valves. It would probably require a professional to fix this specific issue.

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