Lennox furnace error code 347

Helping furnace repairmen diagnose and troubleshoot a range of appliance problems is what Lennox’s top-of-the-line Uniglider diagnostics are designed to accomplish. With this unit, they can provide inspection, cleaning, and testing services with the push of a few keys on its touch screen display to isolate any issue that may exist.

In Table 1.1, you will find the exchange for diagnostic data codes in the Lennox Uniglide 274 Gas Ignition System. If you are familiar with this system or if you are repairing a Lennox furnace error code 347%u201D then finding out which code gave rise to it should not be difficult.

Lennox furnace error code 347 is a segment of an international and industry standard diagnostics code.

The first digit, 2, is telling us that the error lies in the low-voltage power circuit. Immediately to the right of this number (9), we can see the hexadecimal representation.

Lennox Furnace error code 347 can be particularly frustrating for households that are in the coldest climates without a properly functioning furnace.

There are many potential causes of error code 347 and one could get a great deal of information from the Lennox website to figure out how to fix it. It is up to the user and their technician, however, which particular issue they wish to address first before attempting to resolve this error. The website offers a number of options as possible solutions such as adjusting one’s zone settings, purging with cool gas, or turning off circuit breakers that provide power to other appliances in the home.

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