Lennox furnace error code 358

Furnaces are a part of the HVAC system and offer heat, cooling (often in the form of shade) ventilation, humidity control, and purification for residential or commercial buildings. Furnaces primarily operate with burning fuel such as natural gas, oil, or electric power to heat the indoor air for heating purposes. Lennox furnaces have a code of 358 that indicates an issue with the electronic modulating sequence control circuit.

There are a number of different Lennox furnace error codes. What most people don’t know is that there is a specific error code for your brand of furnace. Smaller Lennox furnaces, for example, have 5 different faults and 43 possible error codes

Self-contained heating systems produce very little heat exhaust emissions, as whatever hot air they generate is exhausted by the flue. As such, they are cost-efficient and environmentally beneficial. Technological advances in natural gas, electrically powered heating systems, and highly efficient furnaces have all contributed to their popularity.

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