Lennox furnace error code 413

It is a common error code that indicates an issue with the wire bundle in the power-control components. It will not cause any significant disruptions to furnace operation, but it needs to be addressed for optimal performance.

The 413 error code appears on Lennox furnaces when a wire bundle insert comes loose from the power-control module. This does not affect heating or cooling adversely; instead, it affects power-starting and power shutdown schemes as well as remote diagnosis concerns.

Lennox furnaces receive error code 413 when the receiver is not communicating with the furnace.

To solve this issue, swap out any of the following for cleaner air:

-Pre-filters – these are after CO2 filters/microfilters that typically locate near the filter case on an intermittent or packer-resident system.

-Ductwork – anything from straightening large metal ducts to making sure metal ducts are sealed and could have dirty cotton insulation on them.

Error code 413 shown on Lennox furnaces is stored in the control board and makes you believe that parts service may be required.

Lennox furnace error code 413 is often accompanied by other error codes and it can happen for a variety of reasons. The most likely causes for this code are worn heating elements, sensors that need to be recalibrated, and a faulty electric blower.

Bottom line is, if you see the error code 413 for a Lennox furnace, don’t panic! Instead, try to pinpoint which one of the listed causes applies the most to your situation and use the instructions from the manual or contact a local HVAC technician to get your Lennox furnace calibrated.

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