Lennox furnace error code 426

The Lennox furnace error code 426 is generated by the furnace when one or more components need servicing. This specifically occurs to a CO Sensor when its connecting pipes are leaking or there is a funny odor coming up.

This error code may also be generated if the flywheel valve sensor is faulty, the Thermostatic Expansion valve coil is not plugged in, if the evaporator temperature sensor has a break or disconnection, and/or if the defrost timer relay strip is burnt. All of these aforementioned problems need to be diagnosed and solved before the system will work again. The common problem behind most of these problems is faulty wiring so attention should be given to wiring inspection if repairing this error message.

Introduction: Lennox’s furnaces are known for their lasting and efficient performance. Lennox produces both residential and commercial furnaces and offers a form of flexibility with its models. With the use of these sophisticated devices, customers enjoy an easy life that requires little maintenance. Something as small as an error code 426 can weaken the functionality of your system- ask for help from industry experts who have plenty of experience.

The furnace will shut down before the unit reaches its designated temperature, preventing it from successfully operating or burning any fuel during that period.

Lennox furnaces use a circuit board to control the burner assembly, blower motor, and other components. An error code is displayed on this circuit board in case of an issue with any part of the furnace’s operation. Code 426 indicates that there is a defective coolant pump pressure switch that needs to be replaced for it to function properly again.

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