Lennox furnace error code 532

Lennox furnaces have a built-in error-reporting system that alerts you when the furnace’s safety controls are triggered. If you get an error code 532 from your Lennox furnace, it means that the safety controls were triggered.

The Lennox furnace error code 532 essentially tells you that there’s something wrong with your heating system. It is also telling you that there is an automatic shutdown pending. You need to take action immediately to avoid any further damage to your property and family members.

This article will discuss what causes this particular error code and how to fix and prevent it in future.

Lennox furnaces are a popular and common home heating system because they provide efficient heat. However, there are times when they may experience problems. To help troubleshoot these issues, homeowners can check their error code 532.

On average, the 532 error code is related to the door switch on the Lennox furnace.

When your furnace has an error code 532, it is usually an indication that the control panel needs to be replaced. You should call a service technician and have them check the control panel for any issues.

Sometimes when your furnace kicks out an error code 532, it is due to something else entirely. For example, if your furnace’s fan motor starts to make noise or you smell gas in the house, you might want to take those additional steps before calling a service technician or wasting your time replacing the control panel.

Here’s a list of things that can cause this error:

1) Fan motor malfunctioning;

2) Gas leak;

3) Furnace is too close to flue hood;

4) Thermostat malfunctioning;

5) Low voltage