Lennox furnace error code a444

Lennox is a well-known home heating brand that has been offering furnaces since 1938. The company was the first to introduce an air-cooled condensing furnace that won the 1951 prize “Engineering News-Record.”

Lennox manufactures high-quality furnaces with a long history of innovation and excellence. One of their recent innovations is the ASU (Advanced Safety Upgrade). ASU helps protect from fires by having more safeguards against power surges/outages and by shutting off gas if there is a leak or if sensors detect high levels of CO.

Lennox furnaces are some of the most popular furnaces in the market. Lennox furnaces give error codes that tell customers what is going wrong with their furnace and how to fix it.

The A444 error code is an “ignitor relay” error code.

It means the software has detected a problem with one or more of the primary ignition circuits or devices in your system, including power supplied to any electronically controlled high voltage components.

This will allow your furnace to be repaired and returned to a functional state by contacting a technician for assistance or troubleshooting as instructed on this page.

Error code a444 is a Lennox furnace error code that means “Internal fault – check run time, igniter and flame detector.”

The quickest way to tell if it is the igniter or the flame detector is by calling a professional. A professional will be able to diagnose the issue over the phone. If it ends up being one of these two issues, then they will be able to mail you out new parts, and you can do what needs to be done with your Lennox furnace error code a444.