Lennox furnace error code a600

The Lennox furnace error code a600 is caused when the limit switch detects overheating in the furnace. This may be due to a clogged air filter or an internal blockage.

Many homeowners find it difficult to diagnose this particular Lennox furnace error code. It could be due to a lack of knowledge, or they may not have the right tools to use for diagnosis. But by following a few instructions, you can easily come up with an idea of what might be wrong with your Lennox furnace and fix that problem.

The Lennox A600 error code means that the gas pressure is too low.

A Lennox furnace fault code of A600 warns that the system has detected a problem and needs service. The Lennox A600 error code indicates that the combustion blower assembly has failed to start. The 2-ton blower assembly moves air through the heating and cooling system, so it is important for any homeowner to promptly address this failure if they want their home to be comfortable.

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