Lennox furnace error code a875

The Lennox furnace error code a875 warns about the gas line’s restriction. It means that some type of obstruction restricts the flow of gas from the outside source to your heating system. These obstructions can be caused by a clogged or damaged pipe or an open vent with no fresh air to replace it.

The Lennox furnace error code a875 doesn’t indicate the issue, but it does show where there may be trouble. To eliminate this error, you must find and remove what’s causing it.

The Lennox A875 error code occurs when there is an issue with the low voltage transformer. This means that there is a problem with the transformer, which should be replaced otherwise, the problem will continue to occur. The issue in the transformer can be caused by various reasons, such as an electrical overload or when power surges from the power company are too high, which causes excessive damage to wires and insulation.

Another cause of this error code can be a faulty thermostat wire or intermittent grounding in one of your heating zones.

Here, we will discuss the Lennox furnace error code A875 and its probable causes.

One of the most common errors that a Lennox furnace can have is “A875”.

The following are the probable causes for this error is triggered:

– Faulty pressure switch

– Thermostat malfunctioning (either because it’s faulty or there’s no power)

– Faulty gas sensor