Lennox furnace error code b2

Lennox furnaces are fuel-fired appliances with a control system that monitors the furnace’s performance.

The error code B2 is a heat exchanger problem. There could be several reasons for this problem, but it should be fixed immediately to avoid a potential fire hazard.

Lennox is a company that specializes in the production of furnaces, boilers and heating equipment.

The article provides instructions on how to diagnose and fix error code B2 from the Lennox furnace.

B2 is a common error code. It is mainly because there is too much air in the system, resulting in a lack of combustion and too much soot. The fix is to adjust the flame height or reduce the airflow by turning down the blower motor speed.

Specific errors:

– The blower motor may run at too high of a speed, or the plenum damper may be opened too far, which can cause excessive air in the system.

– The primary air control damper may be closed too much, restricting airflow into the unit and causing excess soot on hot surfaces.