Lennox furnace error code e225

So what is Lennox furnace error code e225? Lennox furnace error code e225 occurs when the heat exchanger ices up, and the heat exchanger coil fails to operate. When this happens, the system will need to stop working until it can be repaired.

The most common causes for this issue are that there may not be enough airflow in the house, too much outdoor humidity inside the house, high indoor humidity, or indoor airflow problems.

Lennox has a wide range of furnaces to meet the customer’s requirements. They offer their customers a wide range of products from which they can choose. Some models are better for commercial use, while others are suitable for residential use.

Error code E225 is a fault that occurs when the blower motor has failed, or it is in a locked or blocked condition. It indicates that the blower motor is not operating at its normal speed, possibly due to an obstruction in the venting system or contamination of a filter within the system.

Lennox furnace error code E225 is a warning sign of a potential problem in the sensor module of the system. If you encounter this error, you should call for service as soon as possible to get it repaired.