Lennox furnace error code e312

Lennox furnaces have a series of error codes that you can find in the user manual. Error code E312 stands for failure of the pilot. The furnace will automatically stop and power off once this error code is detected.

To get your Lennox furnace working again, you can troubleshoot the failure of the pilot by following these steps:

1. Check if your pilot has problems with gas supply.

2. Make sure that your furnace’s oxygen sensor is plugged into a live power outlet, if not then plug it in

3. Check if it’s receiving power at all with a voltage tester; if not then please contact an electrician

4. Replacing the fuel valve orifice will often fix this problem and returns the furnace

Lennox Furnaces are designed to use a direct-drive blower. These blowers have an electromagnetic clutch that can be controlled by the furnace’s electronic control board.

There is a wide variety of Lennox furnaces, which all have different features and benefits. Most models are Energy Star qualified, with some models up to 96% efficient.

The troubleshooting process for an E312 error code includes checking the airflow through the furnace and the pressure switch operation (if equipped). The heating coil should be checked for any sign of dirt or damage, as well as ensuring that it is grounded properly.

A lennox repair technician will check all of these components thoroughly before making any repairs or changes.

Error code E312 is a diagnostic code that has to do with the burner air shutter.

In this section, we will be looking at the Lennox furnace error code E312. This error is caused by problems with the air shutter in the burner of your furnace.