Lennox furnace error code G61

lennox furnace error code G61 is a common code displayed on a Lennox furnace’s display. The code indicates that the burner or the heat exchanger has stopped working. This is one of the most common problems with Lennox furnaces, and it can be fixed by following the steps mentioned below.

This section discusses how to fix lennox furnace error code G61 with some basic troubleshooting steps and how to avoid this problem in future.

This section also briefly covers how other codes work and what these codes mean if they are not lennox furnace error code G61.

G61 is used when the wrong gas type is used in the furnace. The following are the possible causes for this error code and how they can be resolved.

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Lennox furnaces have error codes that the owner needs to know to troubleshoot the issue. The most common one is error code G61 which means a gas leak.

Regarding Lennox furnaces, there are many causes for the G61 error code, and some of them may be hard to resolve without an expert’s help.

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