Lennox furnace error code p4

When a Lennox Furnace shows a P4 error code, the user will experience carbon monoxide leaks and a loss of heat.

If your system has been showing code P4, switch off the furnace and contact an HVAC professional. The appliance warranty is void after P4 errors have been reported.

When the Lennox furnace displays an error code p4, it means there is a problem with the combustion and blower. This guide will provide a list of troubleshooting steps to help you fix the problem.

P4 error code means that the unit is short cycling from low to high. This can happen when too much-unburned fuel has been left in the furnace or if one of your zone valves has been closed for too long.

The Lennox Furnace error code P4 indicates a problem getting the furnace temperature to rise and fall in the desired range.

The Lennox Furnace error code P4 is triggered when the thermostat sends incorrect data to the furnace. It occurs when either the thermostat or furnace is not communicating properly.