Lennox furnace error code to clear

For those who don’t know, Lennox furnaces are considered to be the most reliable brand in the world.

The codes for the Lennox furnace error code to clear can be found below:

LFXF0 – High Limit Fault (thermostat): The program failed because a high limit was reached.

LFXS0 – Out of Coolant: The program failed because the coolant level was too low.

LFXT0 – Low Limit Fault (thermostat): The program failed because a low limit was reached.

Lennox furnaces have a unique error code that is used to clear the error. The error code is usually an 8-digit number, so it can be easily found online or on the label of your furnace.

Clear the error code by turning off your furnace and using an oven mitt to pull the red thermostat wire from terminal 4 to terminal 3.

Lennox furnaces are common in homes all across America. Their high efficiency and reliable technology have made them popular among homeowners. However, some consumers might be stuck with outdated Lennox furnace errors when they turn on their furnaces for the first time after a long break.

Lennox furnace error code to clear is an online tool that can be used to find how to clear a specific Lennox furnace error code.

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