Lennox furnace error code xp17

The Lennox furnace error code xp17 is a very common error code, and you will get it when your furnace is not running or does not function properly.

When this happens, you should immediately call the Lennox support team at 604 704 0300 so that they can help you resolve the issue.

Lennox furnaces are modern, efficient furnaces that can save up to 40% in annual heating costs. Lennox furnace error code xp17 might just result from a bad variable capacitor.

Variable capacitors are used to regulate the gas pressure within the unit. When one goes bad, it stops working as it should and gives out this error code when turned on.

Lennox furnace error code xp17 is an indicator that the heat exchanger failed. A Lennox furnace uses a refrigerant to cool the refrigeration coils in the heat exchanger. This system of gas cooling is known as an economizer. If there is no working gas in the system, it will enter automatic furnace shutdown mode and not restart until you check for leaks and replace any missing or damaged parts.

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