Lennox furnace error codes kp02

Lennox furnace error code KP02 is a common error code in the Lennox gas furnace. I will explain what this code means and how it can be solved.

Lennox KP02 means that the limit switch is not opening (or staying open) because of a shortage in the limit switch circuit board. The most common cause of this issue is that someone with a metal tool has entered the burner compartment and inadvertently scraped against the limit switch wires at one end or both ends, disconnecting them.

Lennox furnaces are well-known for its high-quality heating units. But what if you cannot operate the furnace because of an error? In this case, you will need to know how to find Lennox furnace error code kp02.

It is always a good idea to check your user manual before contacting a professional in order to avoid any unnecessary expenses. But what are some of the common Lennox furnace error codes kp02?

A blinking display means that the compressor is functioning, but there is no flame from the burner and no airflow from the blower. If this is your issue, then it could be due to a fan malfunction or reduced airflow caused by a dirty air filter or clogged air filter compartment. You can try cleaning your filter and see if that resolves.

Lennox is a manufacturer of gas and oil furnaces.

Lennox has a wide variety of products which include condensing furnaces, commercial furnaces and heat pump systems. Lennox also has furnace error codes which can help in diagnosing the problem.

Error code KP02 refers to a pressure switch fault, which means the high-limit switch is not working or properly adjusted. This error code can be caused because of dirt, lint or kinked hoses that obstruct airflow to the sensor.