Lennox furnace g71mpp error codes

Lennox furnaces are used in many homes but when they are not working properly, it can be quite frustrating. Most of the time while troubleshooting the furnace, you will likely have to use a known code to help you with the issue.

This article offers six different Lennox furnace error codes and their solutions with pictures to make your life easier. This article also has a troubleshooting checklist for when you go over your code and need some direction on what to do next.

The Lennox furnace g71mpp error code is a common problem that could cause significant damage to the furnace. Lennox furnace g71mpp error codes usually occur when the blower fan motor is not working as it should.

Lennox furnaces use a unique brushless motor for the blower fan. In order to maintain proper airflow, it must run at all times. If your furnace keeps making these same errors, there is a problem with your motor or control board and you should have it checked by an appliance technician.

Lennox furnace g71mpp error code is the most common error code for Lennox furnaces, and it is characterized by the device turning on but not producing heat or blowing heat.

One of the many possible causes of this error code is a clogged air filter. Other possible causes are problems with the gas valve, thermostat, blower assembly, regulating control circuit board, or power supply control module. When these parts become faulty, they usually cause errors in different areas of the furnace and can result in different error codes.

Lennox furnace g71mpp error codes commonly manifest themselves as a tripped breaker or power failure to the circuit board that controls the burner’s operation. If you have checked all other likely causes and resolved them without affecting your heating levels.