Lennox furnace m2 error codes

Lennox furnace m2 error codes are one of the most common problems in the industry. They can be caused by various factors, like an electrical outage, faulty wiring, and clogged filters.

One way to fix this is to reset the control board. But most clients with Lennox furnaces don’t know how to do this and need to hire a professional service company for this task. And because their schedules are so full, they have to wait days or weeks before getting it fixed.

Lennox furnace m2 error codes are caused when the wrong fluid type is incorrectly installed. This article will list the most common errors and what to do if you experience them.

M2-related error codes include:

E1 – SSR Disagreement Over Voltage (conflicting signal from heat pump)

E3 – SSR Disagreement Over Current (conflicting signal from compressor)

E5 – SSR Disagreement Over Status (conflicting signal from thermostat)

Lennox furnaces are designed to provide the best-quality heat affordably and reliably. However, the performance of these furnaces can be affected by various factors. One such issue is the error code “m2” on certain furnaces, which indicates something is wrong with the height control system.

To correct this problem, you will need to find out what causes this error code and get your furnace fixed as soon as possible by Lennox technicians.

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