Lennox furnace ms8 error codes

After a certain period of use, Lennox furnaces can sometimes experience a problem with the control board or the fan motor. Lennox furnace errors are generally caused by one of two things:

– Faulty wiring in the furnace control or fan motor (MS4)

– A malfunctioning control board (MS8)

Lennox furnaces are famous for their error codes, which provide an in-depth understanding of the current state of a furnace.

Lennox Proven™ high-efficiency furnaces have a “learning mode” that gathers usage data to operate your furnace in different conditions better. You can also set settings on your thermostat that’ll change the way your furnace runs based on the time of day.

Lennox furnaces use a series of error codes to indicate the system’s performance. These codes, however, can be difficult to understand.

This is where the Lennox furnace ms8 error code comes in. The ms8 code provides a detailed explanation of what the error is and how it can be fixed. For example, if you’re receiving an error code 28 and want to know what this means, check out the ms8 code below:

28 Code Explanation: Coil lock-up – This means that there is a voltage over 4500 volts on the coil, which has caused it to lock up and stop producing heat. If this occurs, unplug your furnace for approximately 3 minutes so that the voltage can dissipate and then plug it back in again after you have ascertained.

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