Lennox furnace rtu error code 58

If you experience the error code 58 in your Lennox furnace, it might indicate several issues. You can correct this condition by following the troubleshooting steps.

If your Lennox furnace is giving you the error code 58, ensure that your filters are clean and that enough fresh air is flowing out from the vent.

This article will provide a list of troubleshooting steps for repairing your Lennox furnace with the error code 58.

Lennox furnace rtu error code 58 is displayed when a valve control system sends a signal to the blower motor to activate.

Possible causes for lennox furnace rtu error code 58 may include a defective fan motor, wiring problem, low voltage power supply, or circuiting problem.

Lennox furnace rtu error code 58 is one of the most common Lennox furnace errors. You can fix this problem by replacing the capacitor or other electronic parts or upgrading your electronic control board.

The Lennox furnace rtu error code 58 is indicated by a malfunctioning electronic control board that doesn’t shut off when it should. The motor will continue to run, heating the house, until it overheats and damages the entire system. The damage caused depends on how long it runs, so you should be extremely careful with this issue.

Problem: If your furnace lennox rtu error code 58 keeps running for a prolonged time, you might need to replace the capacitor and other electronics parts to fix this issue.

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