Lennox furnace s30 error code 11

Lennox furnaces are among the most reliable heaters, but error code 11 can indicate that something has gone wrong with these furnaces.

With this introduction, we want to inform our readers that Lennox furnaces have an error code and what it means.

Lennox furnace s30 error code 11 is a common code found on the screens of lennox furnaces. It typically indicates that the AC filter is clogged up with debris, which can be cleaned easily by a professional service provider.

Lennox furnace s30 error code 11 may be caused in various ways. A possible cause for this error could be when the controller board or any other faulty electrical parts need to be replaced immediately.

In some cases, due to improper installation or lack of maintenance, this error has been caused by a malfunctioning control board or capacitor.

Lennox furnace s30 error code 11 appears when there is a problem with the fuel line. As it is an error code, it doesn’t provide any details about the problem but what we can do instead is contact Lennox support if we encounter this issue. If you encounter this error code, please call our customer service team at 604 704 0300, and they’ll help you to troubleshoot the issue.

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