Lennox furnaces error code 58

The Lennox 58 error code indicates that the furnace is not heating up. This error code may occur under the following conditions:

1) The power is off.

2) The thermostat is set below room temperature.

3) The unit has a bad sensor (which should be replaced).

When this error code occurs, first make sure that the power to your furnace is on. Then turn your thermostat up if it’s too low or replaces any faulty sensors to see if this resolves the issue.

Lennox furnaces have been a household name for many years. They have built a good reputation for their products and customer service. Lennox advertises itself as a leader in the HVAC industry, which is why they are so popular.

But all of that can be at risk when customers start to see a Lennox furnace error code 58. The error code 58 means that there is an issue with the main power supply board, which can be serious enough to shut down the furnace completely.

Faulty components can cause an error code. Lennox furnaces have a wide variety of error codes that come up to signal an issue. Error codes 58 and 59 are usually related to a blocked sensor or faulty pressure switch.

Error code 58 is not an uncommon one in the Lennox furnace series, but it has a couple of different causes that generate different symptoms with the same result: shutoff of the gas valve. There’s also the potential for heat exchanger failure when it’s time to troubleshoot this issue because this issue will cause unsafe furnace operation, which could lead to house fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

The following is one possible fix for Error Code 58 – Pressure Switch:

-Loosen bolts holding the pressure switch securely in place

-Remove wires from terminals

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