Lennox icomfort error code 413

Most consumers are familiar with the Lennox brand, a leading heating and cooling system manufacturer. Many consumers have experienced the error code 413 due to Ray Maxx units. However, this number does not signify a failure of the unit but rather a warning that the circuit board may be damaged.

Lennox error 413 typically occurs when the high-efficiency furnace is not functioning properly. One possible reason for lennox error 413 is that the thermostat on your furnace doesn’t detect that your system is running low on fuel, so it keeps trying to run the system even when it’s not needed.

The lennox icomfort error code 413 issue can often be resolved by turning off your gas back up, cleaning out any debris from your indoor unit and installing a new thermostat sensor to detect if an obstruction blocks the sensors.

Lennox air conditioning systems can have certain error codes that cause the system to shut down. One such code is code 413.

The Lennox air conditioning systems have a potential for errors like error code 413. We cannot accuse Lennox of creating these errors – it is just an unfortunate consequence of having millions of lines of software code.

Error Code 413 is a malfunction caused by an electrical component failure or a faulty power supply in the ceiling fan motor. Lennox has recommended that if you are experiencing error 413, you should contact your local dealer or call them at 604 704 0300 as soon as possible to investigate further and resolve the issue before it worsens.

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