Lennox icomfort error code 901

Lennox IC Comfort error code 901 is the error code that will freeze the unit and stop it from working properly. This is usually caused by overheating, and it will cause irreparable damage to the unit.

The steps for troubleshooting this particular error are:

– Reset the thermostat to see if the problem still exists

– Turn off cooling or heating and open a window for airflow

– Check if there’s a clog in an exhaust or backdraft prevention device

Lennox Icomfort error code 901 indicates that the air quality sensor is not operating properly.

To diagnose the problem, you need to take the following steps:

– Reset your thermostat back to its default mode (HVAC or HVAC Auto)

– Check the connections between your thermostat and electrical fireplace

– Check if your fireplace is on and how it’s wired

– Look at any air flow indicator lights on your thermostat screen, including FAN1, FAN2 and FAN3. If they are off, turn them back on by pressing the button below them.

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