Lennox thermostat error code 201

A common error code that is shown by the Lennox thermostat is the 201 code. This error indicates that there might be a problem with the wiring.

If you’re experiencing this problem, here are some things that you can try:

1) Shut down the thermostat for 30 minutes and start it up again

2) Check to make sure all wires are properly placed inside your thermostat

3) Check your wires outside to make sure they’re not damaged

The Lennox thermostat error code 201 means an error communicating with the thermostat. The error could happen if the two pieces of equipment are not connected properly or there is a power outage.

Some error codes relate to simple precautions, while others signal something more serious. Two hundred one signals that Lennox thermostat needs servicing.

The Lennox thermostat may be having a problem with its sensor. This can be caused by various causes, the most common being: the sensor is in contact with too much dust, the sensor is dirty and needs cleaning, or the room temperature is too low for long periods.

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