Limit switch Goodman furnace

The limit switch on a Goodman furnace is there to protect the heater from being turned on by accident. The limit switch also prevents the temperature from exceeding the red zone and shutting off power to the furnace.

Limit switches are crucial to any appliance with a heating component. A Goodman furnace would not function without its limit switch.

A limit switch is an electrical switch which is activated by the contact of a physical object. It is one of the main safety switches that are used with electric furnaces.

A limit switch is a device that detects when the air temperature near the thermostat reaches a set limit. When this happens, it trips and causes the furnace to turn off. Goodman has developed a new version of their furnace that includes an integrated electronic limit switch. This type of switch is more stable and precise than older versions because it uses digital technology instead of analog.

This higher-end product will appeal to customers who want the absolute best heating system for their home.



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