Goodman furnace won’t stay lit

The furnace won’t stay lit! This is a common problem with many furnaces. If you have checked the pilot light and it was not the cause, here are some other reasons that a furnace may not stay lit:

– Carbon Monoxide Leak – Carbon monoxide leaks are not always visible, so CO detectors are a must. However, if you do have an up-to-date carbon monoxide detector in your home and it is beeping loudly or indicating that CO levels are dangerously high then you need to make sure there’s no gas leak inside your house.

– The Furnace Needs to be Vented – If a furnace will not stay lit after checking for any gas leaks then that means there could be an issue with venting. A vent system ensures proper airflow by taking in air from outside and exhausting it out of the house. There can be two types of vents: direct venting and indirect venting. While both systems work well for keeping fresh air flowing

Another reason why your furnace won’t stay lit is low fuel. Check the fuel level on your gas or oil tank and make sure it’s enough to last through the winter. If you have a natural gas furnace and you’re having problems staying lit, check the connections and see if there is any corrosion or dust blocking the burners.

If none of these possibilities are found to be causing your furnace not to stay lit, then it will be time to call in professional help.

My Goodman furnace won’t stay lit. It comes on, but the flame goes out after a few seconds.

The first step would be to check your home’s gas levels to see if you have any gas flow with an easy-to-use gas detector. If there is no gas flow, turn off the power and contact a professional for help.

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