Munchkin furnace error codes

It is not possible to cover all the error codes that the munchkin furnace may generate. Here we have listed the most common codes and their probable cause.

#1 NO HEAT – No Fuel or No Pump

#2 PUMP FAILURE – Low Pump Pressure, Fuel Line Leaks or Pump Drive Belt is Broken

#4 COIL FAILURE – Coil is Dead, Coil Burned Out or Loss of Power to Heater Element

If your munchkin furnace’s error codes are not displaying, these instructions will help you fix the problem.

Munchkin furnaces have their own error codes. These are coded on the furnace’s control panel. Here is a list of the most common codes that you may encounter and what they mean.

Although we don’t know precisely when Munchkin furnaces were first produced, it was probably in the late 1970s or early 1980s as recalled by Paul Dattner in his book, “Munchkin Magic.”

When a munchkin furnace is malfunctioning, it typically gives out an error code that can be used to diagnose the issue.

The following codes are found on a munchkin furnace.

-7: Fuel control failure.

-11: High-temperature limit exceeded.

-13: Door open circuit detected.

-20: The override switch failed to close the door in 30 seconds or less.

-22: The override switch failed to close the door at all within 1 minute of initiating contact with a wall switch inside the furnace room