n Amana furnace error code

With this introduction, readers will be able to understand the topic in a more detailed way.

A furnace is a machine that warms the environment and does this by converting fuel into heat.

In some conditions, there can be an error code for your furnace that makes it unable to work. Some of them are as follows:

-E1 – Igniter is malfunctioning.

-E2 – The igniter is not receiving enough voltage from the power supply.

-E3 – The thermostat or gas valve is malfunctioning.

-E4 – The safety switch has detected a problem with the flame, or the unlit pilot light has been detected and the safety switch will not allow gas to flow until it is fixed and reset.

An Amana brand furnace is a heating and cooling appliance. As of 2011, Amana furnaces were designed for a maximum input of 120,000 BTUs. The company advertises its furnaces as energy-efficient, quiet and easy to install. In November 2006, the company recalled about 80,000 gas furnaces after reports of fires in some models.