Payne furnace codes 13


A furnace code is a procedure to ensure that the furnace is operating properly. This procedure should be performed to prevent a shut-off and make sure no damage occurs that might result in safety hazards.

Payne furnaces are a popular brand of furnaces in the United States. They are installed by contractors, plumbers, and HVAC technicians. There are different codes for Payne furnace installations. In this article, we will explore what each code means and how to find it when necessary.

This article will focus on Payne furnace code 13 which is often found on older models of Payne furnaces.

Payne furnace code 13 is a small notice that needs to be checked when turning on or off the gas. It is not a safety issue, but something you will need to know for insurance purposes.

The code on Payne furnaces can be found on the back of the unit, near the bottom. The code is usually clipped onto the unit’s chassis and right in front of where your hand would go when flipping a switch on it.

The following codes go hand-in-hand with the ignition system on your Payne furnace and should be kept in a safe place for future reference.