Payne vs Heil furnace

Payne furnaces, also known as Payne-cycle furnaces, operate on the combustion principle.

Heil furnaces are also combustion furnaces but with a different design.

The two designs have different performance and efficiency levels.

The Payne furnace is a furnace that runs on oil, and the Heil furnace runs on gas.

The Payne Furnace has a hot gas path separate from the cold gas path. The hot path is on the left side of the furnace, including the burners, air preheater, economizer (a heat exchanger for waste heat), and main air supply. The cold gas path is on the right side of the furnace. It includes the fuel oil tank and pumps.

In contrast, Heil Furnace has a single hot gas path which can be switched from radiant to the convective heating mode by moving a valve in front of each of its two furnaces. This design makes Heil more efficient than other furnaces because it doesn’t require two systems with separate air paths or belts to carry hot combustion products away from their respective furnaces.