Rheem furnace error code 13

There are many reasons that you can find your Rheem furnace error code 13. Some of the common causes include:

-A failed diagnostic test

-Power surge or power brownout

-Low water level in the boiler

-Incorrect gas valve operation

-The power to the relay has failed

-Dirty thermostat vent filter

-Incorrect thermostat operation

It is important that if you see this error code, you contact your heating repair specialist and fix the problem as soon as possible.

Rheem furnace error code 13 is most commonly associated with a Rheem furnace, but there are other causes for it. The appliance may be giving you this message if there’s an issue with the control board or thermostat.

The error code can also be caused by low coolant levels, a blown fuse in the power line, or a failure of the motor relay.

The Rheem furnace is a series of gas furnaces that have a self-diagnostic system that can accurately detect and correct any error code within the furnace.

The Rheem furnace self-diagnostic system detects and corrects an error code 13 by turning off the gas supply to the burner, allowing the heating element to cool sufficiently for accurate diagnosis.