Rheem furnace error code 20

To troubleshoot the error code 20, you should check the following:

Is the thermostat set to a temperature? What is the room temperature?

Is there a thermostat in the furnace? Is it receiving power?

Is there a thermostat controller in the furnace? What type of controller is in place?

Are you using an approved Rheem controller in your existing home wiring?

Just like any other household appliance, Rheem furnaces have their own problems and errors. Recently, Rheem furnace error code 20 was noticed by a number of people in a particular area.

Your furnace did not start and displayed error code 20 – this is typically caused by a low voltage or a clogged air filter.

Rheem furnace error code 20 is a critical error code that indicates that the electronic control board in the furnace has experienced a failure.

When your Rheem furnace gives you an error code 20, you may have to replace the entire electronic control board. This can be quite costly for many homeowners to do on their own, so it is best to contact a professional service technician.

Contacting an expert at this point in time will ensure that you don’t need to invest more money into fixing your furnace and can get back to enjoying yourself with your family instead of spending hours trying to fix it yourself.