Rheem furnace error code 45

The Rheem furnace error code 45 is a common error code that appears during the start-up process. It might be caused by any of the following:

The air intake filter is blocked with insulation

The gas valve is not opening and closing correctly

There is not enough air coming into the furnace

Some debris stuck in the exhaust

The error code 45 indicates that the furnace is not reaching the desired temperature.

This article discusses what causes this error code, some ways to fix it, and how a company might go about identifying its problem.

Rheem furnace error code 45 can be caused due to a combination of bad thermostat settings and bad wiring or a faulty sensor. It might also indicate an issue with the thermostat or piping system.

Rheem furnace error code 45 is a type of error from the thermostat or the heating system. The error code 45 appears when the furnace has been programmed with a wrong thermostat setting. This can be caused by either wiring damage or a faulty thermostat.

The issue manifests when the gas valve cannot be opened, which prevents the heat to circulate and warm up your home. When this happens, you need to reset and change your thermostat settings accordingly. If you reset it yourself, this will usually fix this issue within a few minutes of time.

However, if you don’t have access to your heating cords, you will need an appliance repair person to come out and do this for you.