Rheem furnace error code 56

Rheem furnace error code 56 can occur if the pilot light is not lit. If this happens, it is best to call an expert technician to come out and fix the problem. If a Rheem furnace error code 56 does occur, you should try checking for a lit pilot light by using a flashlight or opening the door and looking for one.

This article will look at the error code 56 that is often reported on Rheem furnace models.

Error code 56 means that an error has occurred with the controller board and the board needs to be replaced. This error can also be caused by a cracked or broken connection in the wiring of the electrical circuit.

A lot of people are not aware of this issue, so it is important to know what causes this issue and how to fix it. Let’s get started!

If you are experiencing a Rheem furnace error code 56, there are several things that you can do to fix it. This article will walk you through what those things might be and show you where the problem could be coming from.

The first step is to understand the error code. The Rheem furnace error code 56 is an indicator that something in your furnace might not be working. It is a combination of letters and numbers that correspond with a specific problem with your furnace. If this error occurs, there are several different scenarios that could have caused this situation to happen for example:

– A relay might have gotten damaged due to too much heat inside the unit

– There may have been a short circuit in the wiring since it started making buzzing sounds or popping noises in the power outlet